The Benefits


  • The average adult loses around two quarts of water or approximately one percent of their body weight everyday. If you are active you’ll lose even more.
  • “The number one reason for early fatigue is dehydration, not a lack of fuel.”
  • ~ Dr. Julie Burns


  • 75% of Americans and 90% of the world’s population are chronically dehydrated leading to a host of potentially preventable ailments.
  • Dehydration is easier to prevent that to treat.


  • Drinking sufficient water is critical for our health and maintaining good performance on the job.
  • “When we look at the fundamentals that lead to vibrant health and peak performance, right on top of the list is drink the right water in the right quantity.”
  • ~ Harvey Diamond Ph.D.

Bottled Water

  • No lifting of 42lbs bottle
  • No bottle storage and office clutter
  • No delivery inconvenience and security issues
  • No more contaminated water from people handling and airborne contaminates
  • No more high costs
  • Reduces burden on land fills

Drinking Fountain

  • Studies show driving fountain water can be contaminated
  • 90% of people don’t drink out of water fountains because of the foul odor or taste
  • Employees may end up leaving the office two and three times a day to find other means of hydration which means lost productivity for your office

Filtered System

  • Filtered systems are no better than drinking out of the tap and possible even worse
  • These systems are designed to take out any chlorine and bad taste from the water all the while building a breeding ground for bacteria and living organisms
  • Built up bacteria will make an unsafe work environment and an increased number of sick days