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WS 5000

The WS 5000 water cooler provides exceptional quality and a warranty to match. The WS 5000 stands tall to place the dispensing area at a comfortable height for the user. This mechanical dispense offers a more economical alternative while living up to the Wellsys reputation for reliability. Its stainless steel reservoirs for both cold and hot tanks provide a large quantity of water for most offices. The WS 5000 is designed to fit any of our filter combinations within its base, giving a clean look. The WS 5000 has a self-contained leak detector. The optional BSP Capsule provides continuous in-tank cleaning properties, even when the cooler is not in use.

  • - Wellsys reliability backed by a 5 year warranty
  • - Stainless steel cold and hot tanks
  • - Fits all Wellsys filter combinations inside the unit
  • - Includes leak detector

The proprietary Wellsys filter formulations provide exceptional water cleanliness. Our state of the art Reverse Osmosis or UF filter combinations enhance the water by providing minerals and using an advanced sanitization process. The result is water with increased alkalinity and nutrients that is cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting.

  • Specifications:
  • - Height: 50 inches
  • - Width: 11.8 inches
  • - Depth: 15.6 inches
  • - Cold Water Capacity: 1.5 Gallons
  • - Hot Water Capacity: 0.7 Gallons